Understanding  real estate ownership  in Israel
Understanding real estate ownership in Israel
07.05.2023 By By Ariyel Maresky and Ariella Gross

Where and what type of property should I purchase? What areas offer the best value? What are the up-and-coming locations? How much can I afford to invest in my purchase? Should I buy a new property or renovate? And how do I go about the complex process?

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An inexperienced client supervising renovation.
The ins and outs of renovating your new Israeli home
07.05.2023 By By Ariyel Maresky and Ariella Gross

Though Israel is thousands of years old, its real estate market is booming more than ever. The Central Bureau of Statistics reported a 37% surge in residential transactions in Israel last year, with sales continuing to skyrocket.

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10 Tips for Buying a home in Jerusalem
07.05.2023 By Ariyel Maresky

Relocating to Israel may sound exciting as you look forward to enjoying a new environment. Buying an apartment in Jerusalem, however, should be...

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Navigating Dynamics: Israeli Real Estate Trends in Q1 2024
03.18.2024 By Ariyel Maresky, Adv.

The Israeli real estate market is entering uncharted territory in Q1 2024, with recent events, notably the 7/10 attack and the ensuing conflict in Gaza, casting a significant shadow over the buying and selling landscape.

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Israeli Real Estate ... A time to buy? .... or A time to wait ....?
03.18.2024 By Alyssa Friedland

Whether you are a first time buyer, upgrading or downsizing your current apartment, an investor or buying a vacation apartment in Israel, you are probably asking yourself whether it’s the right time to buy.

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