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Careers In Jerusalem Real Estate

    • Comprehensive training in the leading real estate course in Israel.
    • Personal support and coaching in the office.
    • A national & international referral network.
    • The strongest real estate brand in the world, together with the leading RE/MAX office in Jerusalem.
    • Strong internet presence both via the office & the region.
    • A positive approach to embracing technology.
    • Dedicated owners and regional staff who genuinely care about your success.
    • A vibrant and dynamic office environment that encourages cooperation, learning & improvement.
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RE/MAX Israel provides unbelievable benefits by consistently exploring new ways of advertising and branding to increase the visibility of the network and its members.  You can see us on prime-time television on Israel’s Channel 2, on many websites and in the country’s leading newspapers.


As the strongest brand in the real estate industry, doors will open for you, and you can become the recognized ‘expert’ in your area of service, thus increasing your profit       potential.  One of the main focuses of national advertising is to showcase successful agents and brokers, creating & enhancing the aura of success in all of our offices & agents.


And who knows? Maybe the next campaign will include you?

A successful brand is based on knowledge & experience. 


RE/MAX Israel hits the ground running with its Quick Start course.  Developed by RE/MAX Europe, Quick Start is simply the best tool for providing proven, practical knowledge to new agents in the field of real estate in Israel.  Quick Start is the leading course of its kind in the Israel.  RE/MAX also provides additional opportunities to learn & improve via its annual conference for the entire national network, and by periodically sponsoring special educational days with the most prominent real estate trainers in the world.  Our office also provides weekly learning as part of our staff meetings, and our trainer/coach, Lesley Kaplan, works intensively with all of our newer agents to shorten the learning curve to better productivity.


We believe that knowledge is critical to success, but we also believe that a proven track record of success is also a critical component of future success.  RE/MAX Vision provides both of those components.  Our office has been the leading RE/MAX office in Jerusalem since 1999, and among the top ten offices annually during that same period of time.  We know how to take knowledge & convert it into results.



In this day & age,  technology is no longer a luxury for the professional realtor.  It is an essential element of every agent’s toolbox.  Our agents use advanced technology, both for running their business and for attracting more clients.


RE/MAX Israel offers its agents a powerful properties website with automatic exposure to a global site, an intranet website full of tutorial videos, important information and tools, CRM software, an active and vibrant Facebook presence and more. In addition, RE/MAX Vision also maintains a state of the art internet presence, consistently placing high with the most popular search engines. This means more visitors to our site, which in turn means more business for our agents.  We also maintain an internet presence on a variety of other real estate related sites, allowing our agents to offer clients the widest possible exposure for their properties.  The bottom line is more leads, quicker turnaround and better prices.



RE/MAX INTERNATIONAL is the largest real estate network in the world, selling more real estate than any of its competitors.  RE/MAX Israel, with over 100 offices, and approximately 1,000 brokers and agents, is the largest real estate network in Israel.  According to recent surveys, the RE/MAX brand commands the highest level of name recognition in Israel among all of the major players here.  The size of the network is not only a powerful marketing engine, but also offers opportunities for you to increase your business.


Since there are RE/MAX branches all over Israel, a wonderful referral network has evolved among these branches.  Our office has generated hundreds of thousands of shekels in new business and in referral fees, simply by taking advantage of this referral network.


We also enjoy a high level of intra-office cooperation.  Many of our transactions involve more than one of our agents.   This phenomenon reinforces itself, leading to more cooperation, promotes recruiting new agents, and helps retain veteran agents.  The RE/MAX slogan, “To be in business for yourself, but not by yourself” is not merely words. It manifests itself in our daily business lives.  A team working in coordination together will always out-perform a single individual.



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