Kaf Tet Benovember 33, old Katamon- 5 room Penthouse apartment

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Penthouse apartment, 5 rooms, 202 sqm.
Top floor. 4th floor, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.
private parking, rooftop, sealed room (Mamad) elevator.
in the heart of old Katamon, on Kaf Tet Benovember.

The project is on a quiet street, near the German Colony. The infrastructure will be replaced to reinforce the building against earthquakes, a security room and a balcony will be added to each apartment,

an elevator will be built and architectural changes will be made to improve the general look of the building.

The end result will improve the quality of life for the present tenants of the building while substantially raising the value of their property.
The building is currently three stories high.
As part of the TAMA 38 project, the company will build an additional 2 floors, creating four new apartments: Two apartments of two bedrooms and 13sq.m balcony, with an area of approximately 82sq.m. Two penthouse apartments (187/200sq.m) with a large panoramic terrace. The specifications of each apartment have been determined in keeping with the highest building standards and the buyers will be able to choose their kitchen design.

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