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Jerusalem- Will Terror Tarnish the Golden City? (12/29/2015)How long can a strong real estate market endure?  How high can it go?  Will the bubble ever burst?  These questions have been the main dilemma for Jerusalem buyers and sellers for the last 8 years in the Israeli real estate market. The recent wave of terror has brought these questions to the forefront once […]Read More
Jerusalem- The Golden Opportunity (12/29/2015)When, where & why to Buy Real Estate in Jerusalem With a strong seller’s market for the past 4 years, rising prices and a shortage of apartments to satisfy the seemingly endless demand, why would or should anyone buy property in Jerusalem right now? The real estate market in Jerusalem is experiencing an extended period […]Read More
Jerusalem housing market- a city of contrasts and contradictions (12/29/2015)  Catering to both the bargain hunter and the high end luxury home buyer From 3 room investment apartments selling for 15,000 NIS per sqm in the Armon  Hanatziv neighborhood to $15,000 per sqm, for a luxurious “state of the art” vacation home on trendy Emek Rafaim street in German colony, the Jerusalem real estate […]Read More
The British are coming…. and the French and the Germans and the Dutch…. (12/29/2015)  In 2014 they came to buy property as “tax havens”. Today the European Jews are buying property in Israel as “security havens”. The desire of European Jews to purchase real estate in Israel is not new. They have been purchasing vacation homes steadily for the past 10 years. In the past, the desire to […]Read More
Ten Tips When Buying a New Home in Jerusalem (12/29/2015)  Buying a home is a big step for anyone, anywhere in the world.  But when that purchase is in a new country, where rules, laws & customs may differ from their familiar home, this process requires information, speaking with professionals and a lot of patience.  Buying in Jerusalem, a city of diverse neighborhoods, dramatic […]Read More
The State of real Estate…where is it best to invest? (12/29/2015)  Some are calling it the bubble that wont burst. Some say that the housing crisis will take years to rectify.  It seems that no matter how many new laws, taxes or stipulations the government tries to implement in order to lower housing prices, nothing seems to work. Simple economics tell us that as long […]Read More
All that Glitters is still Gold! (12/29/2014)Jerusalem Market – Golden Opportunities During the year to end-Q3 2012, the average price of owner-occupied dwellings in Israel rose by 2.56% to ILS1,132,000 (US$299,086), after a year-on-year (y-o-y) rise of just 1.11% in Q2, and a decline of 1.56% in Q1 2012, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). When adjusted for inflation, […]Read More
To Invest or not to Invest…When, What and Where is the question (12/29/2014)  So, you have some spare cash or just inherited a sum of money, and are wondering where to invest it. Banks are offering about 2%-3% even on large deposits. The Tel Aviv stock exchange has been a roller coaster heading in the downwards direction for most of the past year. So, you decide that […]Read More
Jerusalem Real Estate … the Golden glow still shining bright (12/29/2014)Markets worldwide experience highs and lows, responding to economic trends , political unrest or the “bubble syndrome”. So how is it that the Jerusalem real estate markets keeps rising year after year? The government has implemented many measures to try to bring down housing prices in the country ,and in some cities these have succeeded.  […]Read More